Tesa Medical’s CordaSet™ Rapid Graft Tensioning System Successful in Second Cadaver Study

Procedure performed by University of Louisville and former San Francisco 49ers/San Francisco Giants team physicians

August 05, 2021, 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tesa Medical, a San Francisco-based medical technology start-up focused on developing rapid and precise graft tensioning systems for ACL reconstruction and other procedures, performed a second successful cadaver study at the SOAR facility in Burlingame, California. This study helps advance the innovative CordaSet System further toward effective management of graft laxity, by providing a seamless method for objective setting of graft tension and a platform for new graft tensioning standards overall.

Tesa Medical’s CordaSet™ Rapid Graft Tensioning System for ACL Reconstruction and other procedures is successful in second cadaver study.Tweet this

Published studies have examined the etiology of ACL reconstruction and revision surgeries and have shown laxity to be an issue in 10-30% of cases. Tesa believes that these issues are due to limitations in current technology and surgical technique. The CordaSet System provides a new standard of care, enabling the clinician to rapidly set and adjust a precise tension prior to fixation.

“The device allows precision in the fixation of either soft tissue or bone. So, we are able to do bone-tendon-bone precisely and well as well as hamstring, and it could be used for any other soft tissue graft fixation. It is capable of doing whatever we need to do and give a very precise fixation. I think that’s very important: reproducible, precise fixation,” former San Francisco 49ers team physician, Michael Dillingham MD reported.

The CordaSet System is supplied as a sterile kit consisting of a trans-tunnel implant, a unique handpiece, custom fixation screws, and all other procedural supplies. The System enables an “isometric” check of tunnel placement and video visualization of the tension through range of motion and real time data capture to the patient record.

About Tesa Medical

Tesa Medical was formed to leverage initial technology transferred from Louisiana State University and funded by the Louisiana Funds. CEO Howard Edelman is a seasoned medical device executive, previously General Manager of Cothera, CEO of Advanced Resin Therapeutics and CEO of VitalWear.

About Louisiana Funds

Louisiana Funds are an early-stage venture capital funds focused on the identification of investment opportunities emanating from research universities and other organizations in the state of Louisiana. Louisiana Funds Managing Directors, Joseph Lovett and Richard Babb are active Board members of Tesa Medical.